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Welcome to Imaaj!

From the filling to the shelf,

we take care of

your biggest asset

In each piece, a little affection.

Our secret is beyond machines, we are focused on improving your production.

See who we are and what we can offer ↓

Quality and Relationship

On each machine, a touch of excellence, our sales team accompanies you and your factory from the first "hello" until the day of production start. We care about the relationship, long and lasting.

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Made-to-measure parts and designs

For each project, we know that there is a differential. And that is why only IMAAJ resizes and offers the perfect machine for your production. With unparalleled optimization and cost / benefit guarantee.

Get to know the IMAAJ machine lines

From filling to gondola, this is our work philosophy, we take care of your greatest asset, your greatest value, your product! Count on us for each challenge.

Meet our lines ↓


Beverage Line

Juices, teas, liquid candies, caipirinhas, dulce de leche, and much more. Each machine offers the competitive differential you need for your production to be valuable.

Ice cream and


If your business is ice cream, we have the perfect machines! Fruit pulps, sauces, syrups, concentrated juices, yogurts and much more.


Dairy and


Without a doubt, from the small to the big project, the solution is just one: IMAAJ.

Rotary, automatic and thermoforming filling machines complete with size and robustness without comparisons.

Fruit Pulp

Automatic balers, single or double. With packages from 55g to 1kg. High productivity and efficiency in your production line.


Cold and Sliced

Automatic thermoforming machines for filling pasty products in polystyrene - PS packaging, with the right production for each customer.

Hygiene and cleaning

Automatic balers, single or double. With packages from 55g to 1kg. High productivity and efficiency in your production line.


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